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Powerful Water Blasting

When your trusty hose just isn't sufficient to clean up your cement floor or exterior brick, you need to bring more pressure to the job. Mobile Blasting Services delivers water pressurized up to 40,000 psi.

Owner Chuck Clausen has over 35 years of experience — more than 20 years in restoration. If you are not sure how best to deep clean something? Call Mobile Blasting Services at 712-790-2996 for expert advice.

Before sealing any smooth surface, you want to make sure that it's perfectly clean. Hence you can't blast with media like sand or crushed glass, which might be left behind and create uneven seals.


Water blasting is also ideal for industrial equipment because abrasive particles can jam

up the works.

Nonabrasive deep cleaning that leaves behind no debris

Eliminate several years of grime in a single day.

Restore Your Cement Floor to Look New